I’ve just hired my first full-time crypto employee. In this video I’ll give you practical advice how to land crypto jobs with top salary!

I also gave a clear answer this question: Is it better to be a generalist or a specialist in crypto with examples of how to build your T profile.

Let me know what you think about my conclusion.


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Most people get into crypto thinking they will have a Lambo in 1 year, quit their day job and enjoy a perpetual holiday in some beach paradise. But the reality is, most traders overtrade and spend their whole days and nights gluing to the computer screen.

Before we get technical…

Larsson Line Indicator, Tech Stocks

Example: CTO Larsson’s “Larsson Line” indicator and process taught applied to Apple Inc results in 164x (+16,300%) return with relatively low risk.

Larsson Line Applied to APPL 2000–2020:

  • CTO Larsson’s “Larsson Line” indicator and process applied to Apple Inc (above) result in:
  • 1 trade in the 19 years between 2001–2020.
  • Entry: 26 Apr, 2004 @ $1.95…

Crypto Alt Season is here! Price analysis of major altcoins: Ethereum ETH, Binance BNB, Haven XHV, Celsius Network CEL, CakeSwap CAKE, ThorChain RUNE, Digitex DGTX, Dogecoin DOGE, XRP, BSV, XVS, ADA, Bitcoin BTC and more TA with Larsson Line. Bitcoin dominance has dropped to levels not seen since 2 years ago. Enjoy Alt Season while it lasts ;-)


0:00​ Alt season

0:40​ Altcoin Price & Market Update

0:46​ Bitcoin Dominance

0:56​ Bitcoin BTC

1:10​ Ethereum ETH

2:00​ Binance BNB

2:46​ Haven XHV

3:18​ Cardano AVA

4:16​ Digitex DGTX

5:12​ Celsius Network CEL

6:12​ Travala AVA

6:55​ Dogecoin DOGE

7:15​ Utrust UTK

7:50​ PancakeSwap / Pancake Swap CAKE

8:42​ ThorChain RUNE

9:35​ Intermission

9:48​ Uniswap UNI

10:27​ BTC.D

10:45​ Venus XVS

11:11​ Share your insights

11:24​ Ripple XRP

11:35​ BSV

12:07​ Disclaimer

12:12​ BNB/ETH

12:35​ Conclusion


I’ve heard on YouTube that Ethereum ETH is going to $10,000. Have you also heard it?

I’m the guy who holds the cto.eth handle, so that’s really great news for me… Or?

So both these clever analysts with their excel sheets and formulas and stuff AND these YouTube creators…

Celsius Network with the CEL token has gone 100x in 1 year. I am still bullish. In this video, I will take you on a road trip through Sweden and explain why.

The company is named after Anders Celsius, the Swedish scientist 1701–1744. …

Do you love Binance BNB or are you an Ethereum fan hating their guts? Fact is BNB is now the 3rd largest cryptocurrency and if you look at BNB vs ETH, there has been a dramatic change in power since February.

So who is right and who is wrong?

Is BNB a fad and Ethereum Layer 2 solutions will kill off the copycat MetaMask L2 integration is here. Uniswap v3 is coming. Or is this just the beginning and BSC, Binance Smart Chain will still obliterate even ETH L2?

In this video, we will also recap what played out and what didn’t since the last episode on Binance Coin BNB. BNB has gone 9x since then…

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8 of the worlds 10 biggest companies are now tech companies. Bitcoin has passed Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

Banks and most institutional investors haven’t adapted. They don’t understand how global tech plays out.

Many retail investors in fact understand tech better. Just look at Tesla and the recent GameStop…

CTO Larsson

Built some stuff you use every day, investor, dad of 4

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