Bitcoin Season Is Over!!! ALT SEASON IS HERE

Crypto Alt Season is here! Price analysis of major altcoins: Ethereum ETH, Binance BNB, Haven XHV, Celsius Network CEL, CakeSwap CAKE, ThorChain RUNE, Digitex DGTX, Dogecoin DOGE, XRP, BSV, XVS, ADA, Bitcoin BTC and more TA with Larsson Line. Bitcoin dominance has dropped to levels not seen since 2 years ago. Enjoy Alt Season while it lasts ;-)


0:00​ Alt season

0:40​ Altcoin Price & Market Update

0:46​ Bitcoin Dominance

0:56​ Bitcoin BTC

1:10​ Ethereum ETH

2:00​ Binance BNB

2:46​ Haven XHV

3:18​ Cardano AVA

4:16​ Digitex DGTX

5:12​ Celsius Network CEL

6:12​ Travala AVA

6:55​ Dogecoin DOGE

7:15​ Utrust UTK

7:50​ PancakeSwap / Pancake Swap CAKE

8:42​ ThorChain RUNE

9:35​ Intermission

9:48​ Uniswap UNI

10:27​ BTC.D

10:45​ Venus XVS

11:11​ Share your insights

11:24​ Ripple XRP

11:35​ BSV

12:07​ Disclaimer

12:12​ BNB/ETH

12:35​ Conclusion




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